Guided by ecobiology, Bioderma Research has developed Sébium Sérum, the 1st triple-action ecobiological serum that acts at the origin of imperfections and the 1st signs of aging.
Ecobiology: a disruptive yet respectful approach that preserves the skin's ecosystem and reinforces its natural mechanisms.
We were consulted to create a new digital medium for the group's worldwide subsidiaries.
The challenge was to create an innovative, original and modern scientific film that presents the visible signs
and root causes of acne-prone adult skin as well as the solution to remedy it with Sebium Serum.
With the principle of ecobiology at the heart of this serum, it was also a question of creating a living universe, both in terms of the skin and the serum's action.

Artistic direction, modelisation, texturing, animation, motion: Jean-Philippe Brunaud
Artistic direction: Jean-Marc Effantin
Sound design: Les Prod

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